Did you bring your Reusable Bags today?

Environmental consciousness is very strong now. Large number of people loves the idea of Reusable Bags. But still it is not widely used. The biodegradable Reusable Bags made of cotton are really inexpensive, very stylish and elegant. But the major problem is, normally we forget to bring our own Reusable Bags while shopping. We are driven by our long time habit. We go for shopping without any Reusable Bags with us.

More than 50 years ago was invented the Plastic bag. It is given for free in all stores. Sometime we throw it away even before getting in the car right after shopping. It just became a habit the use of plastic bag. So, easily we forget to bring our own Reusable Bags. The solution of this problem is very easy but very complex at the same time. It is easy, because there is no big economic deal. It is complex, because the habit change is not an easy task. So, I love it when I hear the phrase in some stores, “Did you bring your Reusable Bags” today?


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Reusable Bags & Green Fee

Reusable Bags made of Cloths is not only Reusable. But it is Biodegradable, Recyclable and Fashionable too. It is real Green. So, why still we are not seeing a massive use of these bags? May be because of the single use plastic bags are handed to us for free. So it is not easy to change the long time habit of not keeping a Reusable Bag with us. But there is a magic solution of this problem.

Now in USA most of local governments are in financial trouble. Also one of their main duties is to keep our city clean and manage our landfill. But still they are allowing us to keep generating single use plastic bag garbage and the government is borrowing money to function the cleaning service and hiding the plastic bag garbage. This plastic bag will not decompose in 1000 year. So we can say governments are hiding this plastic garbage somewhere. We can not call it cleaning. The magic solution is the local government can impose a Green Fee on Plastic Bag and use that money to fill the budget shortage. That will generate revenue but also will start reducing the so called single use plastic bag. Is it not a simple and magic solution?

But why our governments are not applying this into action? I do not know the answer. But I can guess some reasons. Do you guess any reason? I believe we voted to smart people to become our government body. But what reason is keeping them out of taking this kind of action? Please reply to my thought if you can guess any reason about why the government is not applying a Green Fee.

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Reusable Bags & Green Revolution

After the long time Industrial and Chemical revolution now we are in Green revolution. This must be the right path. But in this green revolution many companies are trying to tag their Non green products as green. One very simple but very important item is the Reusable Bag. Reusable bags as regular shopping carry on should be Biodegradable too.

Thousands of Polypropylene bags are already handed to innocent green minded people by adopting the idea of “Reusable Bags”. These polypropylene bags are just another plastic and made out of petroleum based material. It is recyclable but the cost of recycling is much higher than making a new bag. So, the word recyclable is just a tag to market Anti-Green product.

Reusable bags must be biodegradable material as Cotton, Jute, and Hemp etc. But also should be very cost effective to replace the free Plastic bags. Cotton is the most cost effective among other biodegradable material. But organic cotton is very expensive and regular cotton farming consumes lot of pesticide. But still any cotton is biodegradable and should be considered as Green Reusable bag. Also there is environment friendly cotton available. It is known as IPM-FFS cotton. This cotton farming is done through a program to reduce the use of pesticide.

Thanks to all green minded people for their green revolution. But please be careful to not become a victim of adopting non green products such as Reusable Bags made of non biodegradable material. All Reusable bags for regular shopping purpose should be made of biodegradable material as cotton.

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Reusable Bags Wholesale

The concept of Reusable Bags is an excellent step. But still it remains as an intention of activists and green minded people only. The Biodegradable Reusable Bags are mostly sold as a gift item and purchased by green people only. The supermarkets must do their part in buying wholesale and make it affordable for every people. Reusable Bags made of cotton is very elegant and biodegradable. Wholesale price for these Reusable Bags should be cheap enough to fight against the cancer of plastic bags and replace it quickly. This massive action should be part of the responsibility of the supermarkets that made us addicted to the plastic bags.
In fact the supermarkets are losing money in giving away the plastic bags for free. But they can make profit by selling cotton made Reusable Bags at cheap price and make a great green impact in our planet. But all businesses are waiting to see the other business to take the first step. Or may the decision maker in the supermarkets are just comfortable with their daily routine. They will not get any extra bonus by doing any extra effort. Or the owners of small business just have no time for any extra task. But unfortunately the concept of Reusable Bags will not function until the wholesale purchases starts by the supermarkets.

In fact the supermarkets can get a great advertisement by selling cotton made Reusable Bags with their logo printed. That works as moving billboard for their business. Also the government action in taxing on plastic bags could bring in place the Reusable Bags immediately. But the problem is our local and state governments are afraid of lobbies.

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Reusable Shopping Bags

Supermarkets and businesses are now getting the message of green movement. But still they are slow in taking action. Cotton made Reusable Shopping Bags is a real green option. It is Biodegradable, Reusable and looks Elegant. But the question is, is it expensive? The answer is no. It is not expensive if you order on time. When a supermarket purchase the cotton made Reusable Shopping Bags at wholesale price it costs unbelievable cheap price included custom print with their own commercial or logo. And they can resale it at low price. That saves their money from giving away free plastic bags. But the most important point as their point of view is the advertisement or commercial of their business. People will carry this cotton made Reusable Shopping Bags everywhere and for many different purposes. So the supermarkets get enormous advertisement for free. But also make some profit by selling this Reusable Shopping Bag.

But for the Green minded people and for our planet it means more than that. Once the supermarkets starts taking action in having cotton made Reusable Shopping Bags for resale to their customers, the real green revolution began there and the replacement of plastic bag become a reality.

But the biggest problem is the supermarkets are too slow in taking action. They are not thinking and planning ahead of time to get good wholesale prices for cotton made Reusable Shopping Bags. Many of them do not plan the future and not looking into this matter with enough attention. So they are missing the opportunity for themselves and not helping our planet.

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Is Polypropylene bag Green?

Is the word Going Green being used to make a real social and cultural change in favor of Green choice? I have doubt about this in most cases. Every company are labeling Green in their advertisement, trade shows etc. It just became a new toot to market any product.

Let see the Green Shopping bag or Green Grocery bag. Everybody is trying to stop using the Polythene bag. This is the right way to start on. One time use of Polythene bag should be a Crime. It is oil based material. It consumes lot of Energy to produce. But the uses of these bags are just to carry something from the store to home and dump it after that. Because of low cost we are getting addicted more and more in using these bags. But what happen after we dump it? It starts to release CO2 in the atmosphere for 1000 years. Scientists say Polythene is not biodegradable. It may never degrade or take 1000 years to degrade. So, thousands of ploy bag dumped everyday are accumulating. It is dangerous. So, stop using Poly bag and think about alternative is the first right step to take.

But what alternative are we taking about? Most large companies are intending to put a Green label in the Polypropylene bag. They say it is reusable. But did they say that Polypropylene bags are exactly same as polythene bag in the method of producing and dumping after use? They did not mention that. They say it is Recyclable. Did they say how to recycle it? No, it is not possible to separate the Polypropylene from other material to recycle it. Also it costs very high the recycling process of polypropylene. So, what this mean? This is exactly same as the Polyethylene bag. They just want to keep making money at cost of our planet and humane life by labeling the Green Advertisements in the Polypropylene bag.

We should reject that immediately. And use a Cloth bag.

Resource: AmeriGreenBag.com

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Green Bag or food to fill the bag

Being able to bring food on the table became a top priority. No time to think about Green life. It just like the story of chicken first or egg first. We are undecided to replace Polythene and Polypropylene bag for a reusable Cloth bag. The dilemma is no money to even buy food. So how can fill up a Green bag? Why that happened? What has been done wrong?

Every human action is connected to its consequences. Especially since 20th century the world became too addicted in over acting with so called industrialization. This action has tortured too much to our planet. Also this industrialization created a bubble of base less fragile economy and modern life. We just forgot about the harmony between Mother Nature and modernization.

Our planet has everything for us to lead our life if we take care about our planet. Same as a mother always has everything to protect her child. Green Life means leading the life which has a harmony with the Mother Nature. Not in counter of the nature. In order to be over industrialized we have serious problems related to health, nutrition, over stress, Spiritual, happiness etc. Now in top of all we have food shortage in our robotic life. That happened because of anti green life.

Now the question comes again. How can we think about investing in Green Life and Green Bag, if we even can not afford to buy food? The answer is it will be worst if we do not break through this vicious cycle and reverse the life into Green. Green life will bring us back into base. And Green bag is part of a Green life.

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